You are making (or at least witnessing) history in Tazar.

This page and wiki is specific to the current campaign. For more comprehensive, universal Tazar Wiki and notes, visit and add to Tazar Core campaign.

Please feel free to add notable NPCs to the characters sections. Also feel free to experiment by adding important unique items to the Wiki.

Get onto your character sheets and put your weird equipment, powers, flesh-crafting parts.
Drew, If I could get you to post your whole sheet, or an image of it, that would be awesome and help during times that you cannot skype.

Also, Gary noticed the usefulness on the adventure log of “date of post” feature for adding older re-caps and keeping them chronologically in order. I think the last 2 games or so are not accounted for out there, but would be easy to add.

Go ahead and start using the forums if you want. I paid for them to be there, so have at it.
In the Tower = In character forum
Around the table = Out Of Character
Rules discussions = Duh

I will be awarding chips for people who help get this site usable and fleshed out.

Tazar Pre-History

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