Tazar Pre-History

Past Recaps

•We started by finishing up trade with the cat-people, mainly buying pig iron and a clay statue.
• We set off again towards the plateau.
• In the night, we were attacked by and defeated a Terrorbear.
• The Terrorbear’s breeder, a pixie, followed us, hit us with glitterdust, and recruited us to help defeat the creature the bear had been bred to fight: a big dinosaur.
• Stig hunted and killed the dinosaur alone, powering up his elven bow and granting it the ability to detect evil.
• Finnidar harvested parts from the bear and the dinosaur, and began work stitching his monster together.
• Garyt began work researching the Necromorph virus, which seemed to have mutated into a beneficial strain in Steven the Dwarf. He captured several dire prarie dogs to experiment on.
• We reached the plateu, which had a lake on it, which had an island on it, which is where we went.
• We silently killed a group of guards posted outside the temple to the vile Tharizdun, and went inside.
• We actually managed to get the drop on some ambushers, as Steven the Dwarf did his Kool-Aid Man thing through a pile of rubble.
• We end here!


igoritzelf garthog

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