Tazar Pre-History

Pasta-ier Recaps

We finished up fighting the psychic monkeys and recovered Boom’s treasure stash, gaining a monkey tails and a pseuodragon companion in the process. (Incidentally, everybody should make sure they have a small, tail-wieldable weapon before we set off.) We returned to the elven city so that Stig could be officially recognized as Stig the Frank, Elf-Friend, and be gifted with a fancy bow. Then, after a stop-over in the Keep, we headed out for a series of adventures in the North. On our list are checking/clearing an area for a huge temple to be built, recovering special glass from a particular observatory, and following a treasure map to where Boom wants to build a school.

First up is the temple. We headed North on our new flying broom, stopping in the towns of Someone’s Spur and Richard’s Fort (where we currently are). Finnidar purchased a hippogryph in the first place, to be picked up later, and a griffin in the second. The wings were promptly removed from the griffin and attached to Steven the Dwarf. After taking some time for Steven to recover, and possibly longer for some crafting, we’re ready to set out for the temple grounds.

Also, on the crafting front, suggestions for Stig and Garyt, since they should have extra time due to Finnidar adding wings to Steven the Dwarf…

Stig could come up with some portable traps or alarms to lay out defensively for when we have to rest for the night in dangerous territory. He could also take some time to try tracking down information on legendary animals to hunt and power-up his bow… the best place for finding out about that was back in elftown, but, hey, he could get lucky.

Garyt could get medical information from the tower systems, and maybe learn how to make advanced medicines. Might Finnidar suggest some sort of powerful numbing agent?


igoritzelf garthog

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