Tazar Pre-History

Pastier Recaps

As we picked up, our ship was threading its way through the reef, on the way to a cunning pirate ambush that our captain had told us about well in advance. When we came upon the ‘floundering merchant vessel,’ we decided to send over a team of ‘expert engineers’ comprised of the party minus Garyt, so that we had someone in a rig to relay what was happening to our boat.

We were taken belowdecks to see the ‘problem,’ and the hatch above us was immediately slammed and barred shut. Just as immediately, Steven the Dwarf used his new wings to fly straight through the closed hatch and incinerate the pirate who’d closed it. Fi-Tor then shot his big lightning bolt into the water that the pirates had helpfully added to the hold to help their ruse, shocking and killing pretty much all of them. Mopping up the rest on the deck went just as quickly.

After collecting pirate heads for Boom and Finnidar, we decided to turn the ruse around on the rest of the pirates, having the captured ship tow our own boat in to the island. With Stig’s mind control easing our way past a watchtower, we made it close enough to shore for Finnidar to wreak havoc with a fireball. Steven flew to shore with Fi-Tor, Finnidar roasted two smaller boats that headed for ours, and Stig laced the water-walking pirate king with arrows. Soon enough, all the pirates were dead, and we claimed their camp, including a few more ships.

We also claimed responsibility for thirty-odd captives, including some natives of the island group. While the latter couldn’t speak Common, Mallon the pseudodragon and Stig the pseudohalfling were both able to communicate telepathically, and we learned that they were from part of the big island. We decided to head there next.

Before setting off, we found a cave with the hidden pirate horde. Notably, we got the king’s ring of water-walking (which went to Stig) a sword that made everybody who picked it up very sad, and a map of the islands.


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