Tazar Pre-History

Rasta Precaps

We headed back into the ruined village, making it to the tower without incident. When there, we spotted a su monkey atop the tower, ready to throw spears at us. Between Garyt’s force power and Finnidar’s magnet glove, Stig and Steven were floated up to the top to dispatch the creature easily.

We decided to enter from the top, so floated everybody else up, and were set upon by three more monkeys who clambered up after us. When our helmets made us immune to their brain-blasts, we took them down with little trouble, and went inside. There, we found a less feral su gorilla imprisoned in a cell, and it mentally communicated with the unhelmed Stig that it wanted to be freed. Of course, it was released, and it told us how to signal ‘all clear’ to the other monkeys. We then waited for the evil mindflayer to arrive and check out what the alarm had been about, waiting in ambush at the top of a trap door.

A gorilla came through first, but was killed quickly and quietly enough that the mindflayer (which turned out to be Boom’s brother) followed it up. Stig sprang his trap, slashing at it with his tail dagger to draw its attention, and scoring a vicious enough hit to sever one of its tentacles (triple damage crit plus double damage sneak attack equals 36 damage!). Unfortunately, this meant that Stig wasn’t fully prepared to endure the mental onslaught, and barely managed to survive. Bracing himself, he engaged the mindflayer in one-on-one mental combat and managed to emerge victorious after a brutal battle (thanks to a whole lot of Rich points and healing from Garyt). Stig gained his level 4 ability!

After killing two more su, we fell back to let Stig recover, and to assign a tail to Steven, and then returned to mop up. We defeated a family of six, learning in the process the other horrible ability of the su… when their family is threatened, the gorillas can fly into a rage, doubling their damage. Finnidar has been trying to convince people to let him replace their hearts with su gorilla hearts ever since.

We found the trove of loot, with some unidentified items and some useful ones. Most notable at this point is a broom of flying, which will both cut down our travel time immensely and give Garyt a way to gain more levels in his ability. We also found an imprisoned, cat-sized dragon that we’ve been nursing back to health, but haven’t even been able to ask its name, since Steven won’t stop yelling at it even when in completely different parts of the tower.

Non-story note: one unexpected benefit of Stig’s displacement rig is that it allows for his first attack every fight to be a double-damage sneak attack. He was doing damage in the 40’s with his buzzsaw at times.


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