Tazar Pre-History

The Story So Far

(according to some)

The Fables of Finnidar:

Finnidar and the Caves of Chaos – Ta’ran was trapped, and so called out to a much cooler wizard than himself. Finnidar and some other people went to the Caves of Chaos, and killed a bunch of monsters to save him. They also found a bunch of mithril that turned out to be the skeleton of an ancient monster that heard that Finnidar would one day be coming there and died of a heart attack because it was so scared.

Finnidar and Just Some Guys: There were some bandits threatening the Keep on the Borderlands and Finnidar killed them, except for those he arrested.

Finnidar and the Mad Hermit: There was this big lion that Finnidar killed. It was owned by a hermit, who was sad, but Finnidar used magic to make him happy!

Finnidar and Twillin the Child-Killer: One of Finnidar’s rare failures. There was a hunter, driven mad by an accidental combination of magics. Finnidar showed up to stop him, but his own magical powers were so strong that the hunter, Twillin, used his strange nature to absorb them and become as unto a living god. Finnidar still drove him away from the village.

Finnidar and the Mindflayer’s Treasure: Boom begged Finnidar to go kill some Su Monsters that had driven him out of his old home. Finnidar did. He also rescued Mallon the pseuper-dragon, and used his amazing skills to take tails from the Su Monsters and attached them to all his friends.

Finnidar and the Daughter of Darkness – Nichnok summoned a monster from space to be his bride and give him 10,000 space-god babies. Mandrigore was worried, so he sent Finnidar and his helpers to go stop it. There were a bunch of monsters made from corpses, and Finnidar figured out how to make other stuff from corpses by looking at them. Then he fought the space monster and killed 9,999 space-god babies, so Mandrigore rewarded him with powers.

Finnidar and the Isle of Dread – The gods wanted to build a temple dedicated to all of them, but the place they wanted it built already had a temple there, and it was too tough for them to clear, so they went and got Finnidar. He sailed to the Isle of Dread to find the key to get into the temple, and totally killed some dinosaurs and stuff. Then he found the ancient god of the sea, who was trapped and helpless but Finnidar’s magic was way strong enough to save him. Then Finnidar got the horn that was the key, but, on the way back, Nichnok showed up and made two boats full of innocent people sink so that Finnidar would be busy enough saving them all that he could steal the horn and kidnap the fish god.


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