Tazar Pre-History

The Story So Far
(according to some)

The Fables of Finnidar:

Finnidar and the Caves of Chaos – Ta’ran was trapped, and so called out to a much cooler wizard than himself. Finnidar and some other people went to the Caves of Chaos, and killed a bunch of monsters to save him. They also found a bunch of mithril that turned out to be the skeleton of an ancient monster that heard that Finnidar would one day be coming there and died of a heart attack because it was so scared.

Finnidar and Just Some Guys: There were some bandits threatening the Keep on the Borderlands and Finnidar killed them, except for those he arrested.

Finnidar and the Mad Hermit: There was this big lion that Finnidar killed. It was owned by a hermit, who was sad, but Finnidar used magic to make him happy!

Finnidar and Twillin the Child-Killer: One of Finnidar’s rare failures. There was a hunter, driven mad by an accidental combination of magics. Finnidar showed up to stop him, but his own magical powers were so strong that the hunter, Twillin, used his strange nature to absorb them and become as unto a living god. Finnidar still drove him away from the village.

Finnidar and the Mindflayer’s Treasure: Boom begged Finnidar to go kill some Su Monsters that had driven him out of his old home. Finnidar did. He also rescued Mallon the pseuper-dragon, and used his amazing skills to take tails from the Su Monsters and attached them to all his friends.

Finnidar and the Daughter of Darkness – Nichnok summoned a monster from space to be his bride and give him 10,000 space-god babies. Mandrigore was worried, so he sent Finnidar and his helpers to go stop it. There were a bunch of monsters made from corpses, and Finnidar figured out how to make other stuff from corpses by looking at them. Then he fought the space monster and killed 9,999 space-god babies, so Mandrigore rewarded him with powers.

Finnidar and the Isle of Dread – The gods wanted to build a temple dedicated to all of them, but the place they wanted it built already had a temple there, and it was too tough for them to clear, so they went and got Finnidar. He sailed to the Isle of Dread to find the key to get into the temple, and totally killed some dinosaurs and stuff. Then he found the ancient god of the sea, who was trapped and helpless but Finnidar’s magic was way strong enough to save him. Then Finnidar got the horn that was the key, but, on the way back, Nichnok showed up and made two boats full of innocent people sink so that Finnidar would be busy enough saving them all that he could steal the horn and kidnap the fish god.

Past Recaps

•We started by finishing up trade with the cat-people, mainly buying pig iron and a clay statue.
• We set off again towards the plateau.
• In the night, we were attacked by and defeated a Terrorbear.
• The Terrorbear’s breeder, a pixie, followed us, hit us with glitterdust, and recruited us to help defeat the creature the bear had been bred to fight: a big dinosaur.
• Stig hunted and killed the dinosaur alone, powering up his elven bow and granting it the ability to detect evil.
• Finnidar harvested parts from the bear and the dinosaur, and began work stitching his monster together.
• Garyt began work researching the Necromorph virus, which seemed to have mutated into a beneficial strain in Steven the Dwarf. He captured several dire prarie dogs to experiment on.
• We reached the plateu, which had a lake on it, which had an island on it, which is where we went.
• We silently killed a group of guards posted outside the temple to the vile Tharizdun, and went inside.
• We actually managed to get the drop on some ambushers, as Steven the Dwarf did his Kool-Aid Man thing through a pile of rubble.
• We end here!

Pastier Recaps

As we picked up, our ship was threading its way through the reef, on the way to a cunning pirate ambush that our captain had told us about well in advance. When we came upon the ‘floundering merchant vessel,’ we decided to send over a team of ‘expert engineers’ comprised of the party minus Garyt, so that we had someone in a rig to relay what was happening to our boat.

We were taken belowdecks to see the ‘problem,’ and the hatch above us was immediately slammed and barred shut. Just as immediately, Steven the Dwarf used his new wings to fly straight through the closed hatch and incinerate the pirate who’d closed it. Fi-Tor then shot his big lightning bolt into the water that the pirates had helpfully added to the hold to help their ruse, shocking and killing pretty much all of them. Mopping up the rest on the deck went just as quickly.

After collecting pirate heads for Boom and Finnidar, we decided to turn the ruse around on the rest of the pirates, having the captured ship tow our own boat in to the island. With Stig’s mind control easing our way past a watchtower, we made it close enough to shore for Finnidar to wreak havoc with a fireball. Steven flew to shore with Fi-Tor, Finnidar roasted two smaller boats that headed for ours, and Stig laced the water-walking pirate king with arrows. Soon enough, all the pirates were dead, and we claimed their camp, including a few more ships.

We also claimed responsibility for thirty-odd captives, including some natives of the island group. While the latter couldn’t speak Common, Mallon the pseudodragon and Stig the pseudohalfling were both able to communicate telepathically, and we learned that they were from part of the big island. We decided to head there next.

Before setting off, we found a cave with the hidden pirate horde. Notably, we got the king’s ring of water-walking (which went to Stig) a sword that made everybody who picked it up very sad, and a map of the islands.

Pasta-ier Recaps

We finished up fighting the psychic monkeys and recovered Boom’s treasure stash, gaining a monkey tails and a pseuodragon companion in the process. (Incidentally, everybody should make sure they have a small, tail-wieldable weapon before we set off.) We returned to the elven city so that Stig could be officially recognized as Stig the Frank, Elf-Friend, and be gifted with a fancy bow. Then, after a stop-over in the Keep, we headed out for a series of adventures in the North. On our list are checking/clearing an area for a huge temple to be built, recovering special glass from a particular observatory, and following a treasure map to where Boom wants to build a school.

First up is the temple. We headed North on our new flying broom, stopping in the towns of Someone’s Spur and Richard’s Fort (where we currently are). Finnidar purchased a hippogryph in the first place, to be picked up later, and a griffin in the second. The wings were promptly removed from the griffin and attached to Steven the Dwarf. After taking some time for Steven to recover, and possibly longer for some crafting, we’re ready to set out for the temple grounds.

Also, on the crafting front, suggestions for Stig and Garyt, since they should have extra time due to Finnidar adding wings to Steven the Dwarf…

Stig could come up with some portable traps or alarms to lay out defensively for when we have to rest for the night in dangerous territory. He could also take some time to try tracking down information on legendary animals to hunt and power-up his bow… the best place for finding out about that was back in elftown, but, hey, he could get lucky.

Garyt could get medical information from the tower systems, and maybe learn how to make advanced medicines. Might Finnidar suggest some sort of powerful numbing agent?

Rasta Precaps

We headed back into the ruined village, making it to the tower without incident. When there, we spotted a su monkey atop the tower, ready to throw spears at us. Between Garyt’s force power and Finnidar’s magnet glove, Stig and Steven were floated up to the top to dispatch the creature easily.

We decided to enter from the top, so floated everybody else up, and were set upon by three more monkeys who clambered up after us. When our helmets made us immune to their brain-blasts, we took them down with little trouble, and went inside. There, we found a less feral su gorilla imprisoned in a cell, and it mentally communicated with the unhelmed Stig that it wanted to be freed. Of course, it was released, and it told us how to signal ‘all clear’ to the other monkeys. We then waited for the evil mindflayer to arrive and check out what the alarm had been about, waiting in ambush at the top of a trap door.

A gorilla came through first, but was killed quickly and quietly enough that the mindflayer (which turned out to be Boom’s brother) followed it up. Stig sprang his trap, slashing at it with his tail dagger to draw its attention, and scoring a vicious enough hit to sever one of its tentacles (triple damage crit plus double damage sneak attack equals 36 damage!). Unfortunately, this meant that Stig wasn’t fully prepared to endure the mental onslaught, and barely managed to survive. Bracing himself, he engaged the mindflayer in one-on-one mental combat and managed to emerge victorious after a brutal battle (thanks to a whole lot of Rich points and healing from Garyt). Stig gained his level 4 ability!

After killing two more su, we fell back to let Stig recover, and to assign a tail to Steven, and then returned to mop up. We defeated a family of six, learning in the process the other horrible ability of the su… when their family is threatened, the gorillas can fly into a rage, doubling their damage. Finnidar has been trying to convince people to let him replace their hearts with su gorilla hearts ever since.

We found the trove of loot, with some unidentified items and some useful ones. Most notable at this point is a broom of flying, which will both cut down our travel time immensely and give Garyt a way to gain more levels in his ability. We also found an imprisoned, cat-sized dragon that we’ve been nursing back to health, but haven’t even been able to ask its name, since Steven won’t stop yelling at it even when in completely different parts of the tower.

Non-story note: one unexpected benefit of Stig’s displacement rig is that it allows for his first attack every fight to be a double-damage sneak attack. He was doing damage in the 40’s with his buzzsaw at times.


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