Current Gods

The Gods Came to Tazar Long after the death of the Sorcerer Lords, when the beasts that the Sorcerer Lords had created had Run amock. The Good Gods chose to make this Planet a safe place for people of their world to Live. Legend has it that humanity Started on a world far more dangerous and that mandrigore and his companions wanted a safere place for them to exist. Even largely filled with mindless beasts, Tazar could become that place. Nichnck and Warduke got wind of the planned utopia and stowed away when Mandrigore and his companions travelled to Tazar to prepare it for habitation.


God of nature and Magic.


Goddess of Healing, Beauty, and Fertility.


God Of Strength and Battle.


Elven god of Elves, Archery, and Hunting.

Dingrots (in the ‘current’ Ancient common: “Ingrod”)

Halfling god of Halflings, Home, and the Hearth.


Evil God of Assassins, Murder, Deciet, Trechery, and Death.


Evil God of War and Destruction.

Ancient gods Discovered

After the Death of the Sorcerer Lords, the first age gave way to the second age or the Age of the Beasts. Along with the countless mindless savage beasts there were some intelligent and civilized creatures. Some of them worshipped their more powerful brethren. Some of those Creatures survive today.


Ancient God of Water and the seas. Recently Cursed to the form of a Squirrel by Nichnock.


Rival of Therain


Has(d) horns


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